• DPStL says

        Great to hear about Nov 5th. This is a great series and the Gray Man is a blast. Reminds me of a cross between Mitch Rapp with a smart-ass demeanor of Jack Reacher. Nice work Mark

      • Mike Koval says

        Mark, I am excited about the next book. I stumbled onto the Gray Man series by accident and very glad I did. Excellent series, extremely entertaining and well written. Wonderful detail and accuracy. Don’t like to compare characters but I seem to like Gentry the best. I would very much like to hear any developments on the movie plus other writings you’re working on. Keep up the great work and thanks for making my long commute rather enjoyable while listening to your books.

  1. Josh says

    Has there been any new information on the movie adaptation of The Gray Man? I haven’t seen anything new lately, and I really hope it’s still going to be made

  2. Liz says

    Discovered Court by accident and cannot believe I have survived this long without him. As a huuuge Vince Flynn/Brad Thor fan Court is right up there. Love the books, your writing style everything!!! Cant wait for # 4.( Would love to see Court have a little love though?? Even until he moves on to his next adventure?? Wishful thinking!!)
    Congratulations. Your books rock.

  3. Merry says

    We loved the first 3 Gray Man novels- – -as well as Threat Vector !! Hope to keep reading your books for a long time !

    • Nneka says

      My gosh I just discovered the gray man. After reading threat vector I wanted to check out the co author. I quickly read ‘on target’ and ballistic. Amazing writing. I love the dialogue even in tense moments court gentry still found humor. Mark you are way up there with Vince Flynn and Robert Ludlum. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for November.

  4. Kim says

    Absolutely love The Gray Man and the sequels. Love this type of story. Court Gentry is just…the perfect hero for women who like their men a little damaged and broken. This is the type of man women want to save. Your writing is wonderful, and Jack Reacher has nothing on Court Gentry!

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